2016 Year End Wrap Up

by IanALSimers, editor-in-chief and head honcho

Well another year has passed and what a year!  The people of Barafrica have spoken LOUDLY and have a new Chief, in spite of the heavy vote tampering by the Amabo and his successor. Whether or not the Amabo will relinquish control is still to be seen. The AMABO is out but what is puzzling, he does not care who he ignores; he is living in his own world.  He has caught wind and has been completely consumed and is only a mindless drone now.  Drones are now delivering packages to locations; heavy as a brother.  Choke on it! Choke on it!  The drones are now circling the Icky-Poo-Poo.

The cheempqlan are being left behind and the muletoes are under attack.  It has been determined that the Shrew must go back to Shrew Island to eat more babies and disappear and that Shelly-mitch is a manly bitch.

This was the year of the protest.

The theme of this year’s Barafrican Tribal Election Collective can be summed up in this song (please skip the commercial).

I’m thinking the bears represent the new Chief’s hair or something to that effect.

Speaking of our soon-to-be Chief, here is a clip of his campaign promises that he will fulfill!

That is where everything starts is the enema because they are really cracking down on that fake news.  My reporters have never ever reported fake news.  Any one who does that is a worthless f*****n piece of s**t. That is a stick on fire and yes that is a dangerous weapon. I like to smoke fags, but they are now legal in some regions of Barafrica.  The Barafrican government cannot do anything right because it has become a running joke some of the lower level lawgivers have spoken and it must be recorded.

We have had some anal fissures and the Icky-Poo-Poo volcano has squirted on some villages.  Some people have died and some people have lived. A few are in the hospital, some will recover others will not.

Gabe’s cocks was in the news planning to re open his cocks-mashing facility after some heavy litigation in the courts.  This comes a great time in Barafrica where the people’s hopes are high and mass consumption of cock-tails is expected to continue to rise among the population.


It has been a very tumultuous year for the people of Barafrica. But as we come to the end we all are in great anticipation as to what the new leader will bring. The AssStink and Muletoes await a profitable 2017, overflowing with endless Chessy Poofs and grape soda.

I and my crack reporters will, as always, be very vigilant in reporting the news of Barafrica.


IanALSimers, head honcho   🙂




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